Viivi Lehto 


Viivi Lehto is designer, artist, consultant and serial entrepreneur. She has worked as a design professional and an entrepreneur in the design industry since 2008. Her mission is to create surprising and benefiting connections between creative and business world. She believes in can-do-attitude, curiosity and empathy.

She is working as an independent artist, designer, illustrator and singer-songwriter. As an artist she is interested to tell stories and create new versions of reality. Lehto believes that art is a powerful tool to open new viewpoints and tickle the imagination. For her, working as an artist is also a way to reflect her  feelings and access to personal growth and balance. At the moment Lehto is specially interested in working as an artist projects related to feminism, rhythm, patterns, illusions (ar/ vr) and interspecies interaction.

In selected projects Lehto is also working as a developer and business consultant. Many of her earlier projects have focused on utilising strategic and user-centered design methods in business development projects. Her personal interest is to create better ways to lead professionals and knowledge workers and she is continuously developing new models for this use.

In addition, she lectures and facilitates workshops in educational institutions as well as expert organisations, and spars creative businesses in areas such as developing start-up businesses and new business models in the field of creative industry. She has specialized in IPR, licensing and commercializing issues, negotiations and agreements.

In 2010, the Finnish government presented Viivi Lehto with the remarkable Sammontekijät- award. The award was given to acknowledge Lehto for “courageously seeking out new forms of collaboration between design field and other industries, and being recognized as a pioneer in her field.” The criteria for receiving the award were, amongst other things, creativity, innovativenes, functionality and novel thinking.

Lehto has worked as a freelancer during 2008-2010, offering services in the fields of design and culture producing. She has founded her first business Musta Design Ltd. in 2010. Musta Design specializes in design, agenting and licensing.

During the years 2011-2015 she worked as a partner in Neroko Ltd., a Scandinavian design brand producing products for homes with dogs. During the years 2014-2017 Lehto worked as a founding partner in Bombotti Ltd. together with Sanna Pelliccioni. For Lehto, Bombotti combined her passion for everyday aesthetics and design with the desire to develop new concepts and products to put people in a good mood. She was also a founding partner in Mirri Creative Ltd., founded in 2015, specialized producing custom-made events and pocket size books and coloring books.

Lehto has received her education as an industrial designer at the Lahti Institute of Design, University of Applied Sciences. She has also trained as an agent and manager of creative industry on the Sillanrakentajat ESR project in 2009 – 2011 and qualified as a Product developer in 2013-2014. She has started her Master studies in Aalto University autumn 2017 in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art.

In 2012-2014 Lehto has served as the chairperson of AGMA association, Agents and managers in Finnish creative industries. The association aims to promote the development, growth and export of the creative industry businesses. She has also worked as a producer in multiple international projects within the creative industries, for example the Finland-Station –events.

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