Traces in the City

Mainostauko (‘Ad Break’) was an outdoor exhibition and a well deserved break from a constant flow of advertisement. 28 unique art posters by 31 different Finnish and international artists were displayed around Vantaa for the first two weeks of April 2019 in outdoor advertisement spaces donated by the City of Vantaa. There were no themes or other restrictions, just artistic freedom and space to give an option to consumerist propaganda.

Art work: Jäljet kaupungissa / Traces in the City

Artist: Viivi Lehto, 2019 

Type of work: Collage technique, mixed media


Group exhibition:
Mainostauko / Ad Break, April 2019, Street Art Vantaa

Curator: Essi Ruuskanen

Site of the Work: Rajatorpantie, Punamultakatu, Vantaa

Photos at the site, 2019: Markus Peltomäki

Photo of the Sketch, Studio, 2019: Hannakaisa Pekkala

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