“ As an artist I want to create new, playful, often a bit twisted or humorous, versions of reality. I believe that art is a powerful tool to open new viewpoints by tickling the imagination.” - Viivi Lehto

Garden Series

“The garden represents for me unruliness, playful growth and freedom of spirit. I think it is necessary to break the rules to create something new. In my thinking process, it was especially important to let go of the modest and simple form language often seen as a trademark of Finnish design.” - Viivi Lehto

Viivi Lehto - Garden Editorial © Hannakaisa Pekkala-8

The Garden series consists of colorful and multidimensional glass sculptures. All of the works are made free-blown technique in Nuutajärvi Glass Village, Finland.

Artist: Viivi Lehto

Glass Blower team: Jonas Paajanen, Paula Pääkkönen, Otto Koivuranta, Sani Lappalainen, Pauli Vähäsarja, Tommi Tikkinen, Henni Eliala, Penna Tornberg

Finishing: Heikki Viinikainen, Tommi Tikkinen

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