Viivi Lehto

Viivi Lehto (born 1983) is an artist and designer, living and working in Helsinki. As an artist she wants to create new, playful, often a bit twisted or humorous, versions of reality. Lehto believes that art is a powerful tool to open new viewpoints by tickling the imagination. Lehto is especially interested to work with projects related to growth, illusions, feelings and rhythm. Currently she is working with a Garden series consisting of colorful and multidimensional glass sculptures. The garden represents for her unruliness, playful growth and freedom of spirit.


Lehto graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Lahti Institute of Design, University of Applied Sciences 2009. Currently she is finalizing her Master studies in Aalto University, Visual Culture, Curating & Contemporary Art Programme.


In 2010, the Finnish government presented Viivi Lehto with the remarkable Sammontekijät- award. The award was given to acknowledge Lehto for “courageously seeking out new forms of collaboration between design field and other industries, and being recognized as a pioneer in her field.” The criteria for receiving the award were, amongst other things, creativity, innovativenes, functionality and novel thinking.

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